118 - Happy 2014

 I wish you all have a Happy New Year, money, friends, health and LOVE
 Suit NEW from  Kauna  
Tuxedo collection with all this elements: Jacket, Trousers, shirt, and accessories in different colors, so you are able to create your own style and composition, I have use gold jacket and the rest in black.
Very elegant for an special event.



Black suit from Kauna ;
 I like this tailored suit for its simplicity, want to highlight the multitude of options available in the store, choosing colors in each of the pieces of the suit. I Like detail and ability to worn each part independently of the rest.

Black shoes are also from the same designer in Kauna  
Available in other colors, very realistic details. 

Black hair " Arata" new from  *Argrace*,  
You can find it in many colors, I like the black with subtle white highlihts, also very interesting the hair base, realistic finished.        

Old style sofa from  Level-K ,
 I like the poses in this sofa; single and couples, you can change color with the menu and also is possible to complete the collection with 1 place sofa       




I have create this outfit  with some awesome news 
Pink Jeans from Overhigh ., also you can find them in other colors: Aqua, Black, Blue, Caramel, Gray, Green, Red, Dark Aqua and Dark Blue.
 Mr. Winter Jacket from [ coepio ] is possible to change in other colors with the HUD 
Cats Sneakers from [Bay Harbor] other designs in Beach, Owls, and Pine
The chair is from Kuro, I like very much them work in furniture and others things.



Chesterfield Coat Check-Mustard - ::K::  new

Cowboy hat - JfL   new
Pants Mr and Mrs.Smith - [coepio]




    Pants: Mr and Mrs.Smith - [coepio]
    Jacket: Mr.Laugh S - [coepio]
    Shoes: Klay Loafers - *CASHMERE&KEANE*
    Hat: pork pie hat felt_black - JfL



    *CASHMERE&KEANE* :Texan Pants | Texan Shirt   new


    Jacket: Norton Jacket Black >> Rams 
    Pants: Bootcut Jeans Indigo >> !APHORISM!


    Hat: Kufi hat >> JfL
    Sweater: Shegar Sweater Red >> Rams 
    Pants: BATTERY CAMO >> Lavarock
    Boots: Trauermarsch Boots >> DeadWool


    Hat: wide brim felt hat >> JfL
    Sweater: Shegar Sweater Grey >> Rams 
    Pants: Jeans Vintage >> !APHORISM! 

from my mind



   Jacket: Nordic Hoodie - [ dynasty ] new
   Hat: pork pie hat - JfL


    Jacket: Rams  new
    Pant: LavaRock

In Black

    Pants: Skinny trousers black ---> [Iruco]
    Jacket: Jacket Cesare --- > HooLigan Ink  new
    Shoes: WT low cut_black --- > ::GB::
    Hair: OGLE ::Black --- > INK


    Lavarock: Pants | Jacket + shirt

    Lavarock: Pants | Boots | Jacket


Lavarock: Jacket


Jacket: High-Necked Cardigan - ::K::
Pants: Bootcut Jeans - !APHORISM!
Hair: Hair___SEYA - INK