289 - Don't look back

Black Neveah dress - New from Thalia Heckroth
Black Fall Booties - New from [VM]
Pose Travelogue 4 - from oOo studio
Dark Brunette hair JADA - from LeLutka

288 - Ready

Black Shirt V003 - New from Hooligan Ink for Black Dot
Canberra Black Croc - from Dynasty
Casual Jeans - From Kal Rau
Black Bracelets - from Bay Harbor

Fence and MapleTree (La Petite Joie Cafe) - from iBi 



Nude Zye Crop Top - New from Rebel Gal
Nude Zye Plaster mini skirt - New from Rebel Gal
Sand Nienke Platforms - New from David Heather @ Kustom9
Black Ora Hair - New from David Heather @ Kustom9
Pose Drama two - from oOo Studio



Armony AA60 Dress with Hud change textures - New from ArisAris
Isingle ring gold - from Swallow
Black gold earrings - new from Overhigh
Strap Heel Snake with gold hell  - new from Vero Modero [VM]
Black hair Shiori" - from Argrace
Pose Chelsea Two - from oOo studio

Baroque Couture Chair Gold/Black - from Boudoir


285 - All

Dress Akina Nude - from Thalia Heckroth
Pose Bianca three - from oOo studio

Black dress Thalia - from Thalia Heckroth
pose Glamorous two - from oOo studio
Strap Heel Snake - New from Vero Modero [VM]

Black striped Jacket and Trousers, white Shirts - from Kauna
Black hair Ryo - from Argrace


284 - On the Docks

Basic Dress and Cisse Blazer - New from Overhigh
Black and gold earrings - New from Overhigh
Black and gold Clutch "Safari" - from Swallow
Strap Heel Snake - New from Vero Modero [VM]
Black hair "Kaoru" - from Argrace

Pose - Alice pose Hud from Label Motion


283 - DESIRE

New dress from ArisAris: Armony AA60 Shena Gown, with hud change textures

White Slim Coat Jacket + Shirt +  Flare Pants - new from ::K::
Black Hair RYO from Argrace



Black Cardigan & Scarf - New Autumn collection from HooLigan Ink
Grey Metro Boots with Hud change textures - from JD
Bent Billiard Pipe - from Kauna
Striped Black Trousers - from Kauna
Black pork pie Hat - from JfL
Black bracelets - New from Bay Harbor

Victorian Union Jack chair - from Boudoir



Naomi Skirt Nude - New from Rebel Gal at Kustom9
Tough Love Top Emerald - New from Rebel Gal at Kustom9
Green Velma Pums - New from Overhigh
Hair from LeLutka
Crome Sunglasses Ichi Shades - from :::LP:::


280 - she moves

Aqua Leather Jacket - New from M.C
Blue Nicky Shorts - New from M.C
Headphone full colors with Hud - New from Swallow
Dir Nienke Platforms - New from David Heather at Kustom9
Brunette Samara hair - form LeLutka
Pose Drame Five - from oOo studio      

Shed light - from [we're CLOSED]
Grass, Lights, plants - from [we're CLOSED]
Driftwood Fende - from iBi  



279 - Light

Black Denim Shorts - New from Dynasty
White Sweater 213 - from Hooligan Ink
White and gold Headphone with change colors hud) - New from Swallow
Black hair Arata - from Argrace

Drape House - from [we're CLOSED]


278 - Pink

Pink Anna Dress - New from Overhigh @ Kustom9
Pink Luv Boots - New from Overhigh
Pink Fringes CLutch - from Swallow
Pink Cameo bracelet and earrings - from Swallow
Colleen hair - from LeLutka
Pose from oOo Studio

Bench mauve drap - New from [we're CLOSED]



Gray Sweatshirt Low Fi - New from Rebel Gal
Savannah Skater skirt - New from Rebel Gal
Magenta Lion Earrings - New from Overhigh
Gray Velma Pumps - New from Overhigh
Hair Ada - from Lelutka
Crome Sunglasses Ichi Shades - from :::LP:::


276 - Black

Black Pencil Dress with Hud texture change - New from ArisAris
Black Lion Earring - New from Overhigh
Black Velma Pumps - New from Overhigh
Black Aya hair - from Argrace
Pose from oOo Studio


275 - Airy Dresses [VM]

Airy Dresses, the A-Line Mini available in more colors - New from Vero Modero [VM]

On Pacamo:
Airy Dress - New from Vero Modero
Black shoes - from Overhigh
Silver Earings - from Swallow
Black hair - from Argrace
Pose from Label Motion

Thanks to Jojo for helping me out in this composition.


275 - Thinking of you

Black Top Tank - New from Hooligan Ink
Grey Cargo pants - from Hooligan Ink
Black and White bracelets - New from Bay Harbor @ Chapter Four
Black Hair Ryo - from Argrace

Basic Apartment - New from Overhigh ( Skybox 23 prims)



Stockholm Scarf - New from Dynasty (Autumn Collection) for The24
Canberra Black Croc - New from Dynasty (Autumn Collection) for The24
White XIV Shirt - from Kauna
Plain Rust XIV Tanktop - new from Kauna
Navy XIV Trousers - New from Kauna
White Outsiders - new from Flite for The Arcade
Black Hair Ryo - from Argrace

Workspace chair - New from Tres blah for The Arcade
Cuddling pair (rare) cats - New from fd for The Arcade

Pose Radiant one - from oOo Studio



Biker Girl Jacket - New from Overhigh
Green Luv Boots (available in more colors) - New from Overhigh
Aqua Luv Romper (available in more colors) - New from Overhigh
Chestnut Haruka Hair - from Argrace


272 - Lazy

Black Bergen Sweater (available in 5 different colors) Autumn Collection'14 - New from [Dynasty] for The24
Black Jeans from Hooligan Ink (available in more colors)

Mesh Bean Bag - available in 2 types and 3 leather textures, with single and couples animated poses - New Member group Gift from [we're CLOSED]

Cappuccino Order (La Petite Joie) - New from iBi for The Arcade


271 Awaiting the Autumn

Dun Pullover Shirt - New from ::K:: at TMD Sep.
XIV Trousers Tweed Overcheck Bromw - New from Kauna
Brown Oxfords Shoes - New from Kauna
Hair *Damselfly* DDark Browns

Bench and MapleTree (La Petite Joie Cafe) - New from iBi at The Arcade



Red Sweater - New from [Bay Harbor]
Rain Hat - New from JfL for the24
Trousers and Oxfords shoes - New from Kauna

iBi for The Arcade :
Cane stand
Decorative wall clock
Coffee House



Black dress "Requiem for Butterfly" from Boudoir

Black Loose Necked Top - New from ::K::
Frange Pants - New from David Heather for TMD (Sep)
Sandals Mr.Flat with Changed Hud color - New from [coepio]

Victorian Armchair Gold/Black from Boudoir
Thanks to Jojo for your help in this setting <33



New from Kauna XIC Collection: Grey Overcoat Houndstooth, white Handkerchief, Cornflower Shirt, Navy Trousers
New from Kauna Oxfords brown Shoes
Kauna Poker Pipe
Hair from INK

Delivery Tricicle (Joie cafe set) - New from iBi for The Arcade Sep.



Autumn/Winter Collection : Bergen Sweater + Demin Shorts - New from Dynasty at The24

Hat Rack - New from iBi at Arcade Sep 14 with other elements "La Petite Joie Cafe" 
Drifwood Chandelier - New from we're CLOSED
Chair: Victorian Pug Chair from Boudoir