464 - Home...

Swallow - Trinity Necklace Male New
Modulus - Volt jeans Black at TMD
Vale Koer - Runners at TMD
Sorgo - Vader Jacket Noir at TMD
Eaters coma - Hair 66

Concept}  - Leo collection black couch, Rug and coffee table new at Shiny Shabby
Concept} - Fireplace Volga collection
Concept} - Volga House
Revival - Woven Bench and candels new at Shiny Shabby
Kunst - Hifi set new at Shiny Shabby


463 - Addict for your love

Cold Ash - IronWash Jacket new at Uber

Gabriel - Grey dress new at Shiny Shabby
ENTWINED - Olivia hair new at Shiny Shabby

!bang - Ache  new at TMD

Concept}-  Leo collection, couch, Rug, Coffee table, Patio new at Shiny Shabby


461 - Fresh Air from the North

[monso] My Hair - Xiu new at TMD
Modulus  - Volt Jeans new at TMD
::K:: Summer Jacket Homme LightGray new at TMD
David Heather-Gnak Boots/M/Grey new at TMD
[ kunst ] - kWatch / opaque new at TMD
SORGO - OCDS's Pin at The Arcade
SORGO - Rane / TORT silver (SG)

tight. another roadside attraction - the picnic table new at TMD
tight.mailbox - silver new at TMD
SORGO - Poetry Book at The Arcade
SORGO - Papers Stack at The Arcade
SORGO - NewsPaper at The Arcade


458 - Minimal

Gizza - Flat Sandal new at TMD
CLAVv - Scarved Fringed Bag new at TMD
Clef de Peau - Skin Lukas T4 new at TMD
Besom - Hair Derek *Browns* new at TMD
Howl - Ban Jogger Pants grey new at TMD
[OS] - Buttoned up shirt gray new at TMD
[Kunst] - KWatch/ opaque new at TMD
Concept} - Paper pots new at On9

457 - You make awake in me all Instincts

Eaters Coma - Hair 66 at Shiny Shabby
BlackLine - Camo Shorts new at TMD
JD - Jesus Slink Ecru new at TMD
RO - Corsair Bandana new at TMD
Cold Ash - Jaeger Leather Jacket new at TMD


456 - Just one step away from you

JfL - Triby fedora NEW
::K:: - Hooded Cardigan Border Sand New at Fameshed
Miamai - Baba Slippers Desert new at Shiny Shabby
Not so Bad - Kenny Sweatpants orange new at TMD

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455 - Insane desire

On me

Eaters Coma - Hair 66 new at Shiny Shabby
::GB:: - Maria Neclace new at Shiny Shabby