454 - Walking beside you

On Me:
Clef de Peau: Jamal Skin, new at Ross Fair
Dynasty: Ohm Bracelet gold&Noir
Aphorims: Bijou necklace black pearl, new at Shiny Shabby
Eaters Coma: Hair 66, new at Shiny Shabby
BLK2: Wassup Cream sneakers, new at TMD
Monso: My Slim Jeans White, new at TMD
The Little Branch: Orange Tree collection, new at Shiny Shabby

On Jule details
oOo studio: Raining collection

453 - be Shiny

Tableau Vivant - Hair chic Line, new at Shiny Shabby
::K:: - Band Collar Shirt, new at Shiny Shabby
Gizza - Dennis Rolled Pants Black, new at TMD
Kunst - Norman Pipe and Whiskey Holster - new at Shiny Shabby
Apt-B - Old & Rusted Gatcha furniture, new at Shiny Shabby
Amitiè - Pose new at On9


451 - Lets end this silence

Sorgo - Rane Black Silver Sun Glasses, new at C88
::GB:: - Military Jacket, new at TMD
Ink - Hair MID black, new at TMD
Gizza - Dennis Rolled Pants Black, new at TMD


450 - ain't nobody...love me better

On me
hoonrenbeek - Black&White suit ( Jaqcket, Pants, Shirt, Tie ad Belt ) new at TMD
Sorgo - Black Fedora with Feathers, new @ C88
Sorgo - Rane Shaders Glasses, new @ C88

Pose on Jule from oOo Studio - Rain set
Jule credits


449 - suddenly... you made my day

Clef de Peau - Michal Skin T4 and Eyebrows new @ TMD
Sorgo - Rane/Carbon sunglasses new @ C88
Besom - Liquid Night Hair new @ TMD
Balkanik 2 - Wassup sneakers new @ TMD
Wonton - Suede Fringe Jacket new @ TMD
Revival - Cart seater , table, lamp and rock text new at 6th Republic


448 - with the light inside

Damselfly - Lochlainn hair - new @ TMD
BlackLine - Grey Shirt - new @ TMD
Sorgo - Old Times shaders Glasses - new @ TMD
Monso - white slim jeans - mew @ TMD
Amitiè - Pose
Ibi - Dreamer's  box collection - new at 6th Republic


447- the darkness behind my back

Sorgo - OldTimers V2 Black glasses - new
Swallow - Rosary short
Addams - Bomber Jacket new @ TMD
not so bad - Zoltar Jeans new @ TMD
Damselfly - Hair Nolan new @ TMD
concept} Volga house @ Shiny Shabby


445 - you said I'm crazy...

Dynasty - Elegante Suit grey with White shirt x O.M.E.N @ FasMESHed
Sorgo - Master Black &Gold Glasses
Ink - Black Hair_Uber

Concept} Oh my Shop!  - My new store is open, you are invited to visit it and discover some items at 50L$.

444 - better to be simple, babe...

Concept} Romeo&Giulietta set for Home Show 2015
Giulietta  couch PG
Giulietta  Table
Romeo Cabin

Pose from Jule Lemondrop