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Green sweater + grey scarf NEW from Overhigh. both available in other colors
Black Trousers from Kauna
"Itsuki" Black hair from *Argrace*


Valentine's Day Hunt

K.V. Dream Fashion Agency organized a special event in honor of all lovers: Valentine's Day",
The event take place from 1st to 16th of February.
Event: Valentine's Day Hunt - Feb. 01/2014 to Feb. 16/2014
D.A Lingerie Valentine 5 L$
D.A. Temptation boots Red 2 L$

Each designer creates 2 exclusive items of "Valentine's Day" theme. They hide your items in 2 Hearts: one Heart is hide in the mainstore and the othe in KV sim. The Hearts will sell from 0 to 5 L$.

Follow the post to read the Hits:  HERE

In the frame of this big event we have 3 different events linked to each other.
1- Valentine's Day Shopping Way - KV sim cart sale
2- Valentine's Day Hunt - Grid wide hunt
3- Valentine's Day Haute Couture - exclusive shopK.V. Dream Fashion Agency


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Blazer new from Dynasty
Black Trousers from Kauna
Black pork pie hat from JfL



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Black Roll Up Trousers from ::K::  
Black Sweater Combo new from F.owl
Black boots from Just Design
Black Backpack new from *CASHMERE&KEANE*
Crazy skull [7] new from YoGa Poses
Black hair "Arata" from *Argrace* 



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Jeans 479, new from Hooligan Ink, very cool design with details on the back and on the sides that make that jeans so different, available in many colors:  Black, Blue, Brown, Dark Blue, Green, Grey, Lila, Orange, Red and White 



♩.¸¸♬  "Counting stars" ♩.¸¸♬
Apple Green Sweater from [Bay Harbor] , very nice design available in Beig, Brown, Black, Purple and Red, each one with different patterns.

"Wingtip Brogues" Fantastic shoes from Kauna in this english style that you can create your own design with the Hud, is possible to select the color of the lot of parts of the model, also is possible to select the shape of the sole available is many styles .

Black Trousers  from Kauna  



Nina Dress - Coral- new from Overhigh . Very nice dress available in other colors with belt included 
Lips makeup - Innocent Lipstick 03 Medium - from Swallow  
Gold ring - Cameo -  from Swallow    
Skin - Domino - new from KOOQLA
Top - 03 Ice - new from Overhigh .  available in more colors with or without the numbers
Black Skirt - Lemur -new  from Overhigh .  very detailed look.
Collaire + Bracelet - Cameo - in gold details , from Swallow  
Lips makeup natural color - Gala Lipstick 06 pale - from Swallow 

Hair - Arata / honey blonde - from *Argrace* 
Brown Dress - Dobrev - new from Overhigh .  
Colliere + gold ring - Cameo - from Swallow     
Gold Vintage Headpiece  new from Swallow   really nice piece available in gold, black and silver colors, now you can find it at Dressing Room 



Collabor88 + Cosmetic Fair | January
Skirt -tb- Dreamy TuTu 
Tie -tb- Female Skinny Tie
White Blouse -tb- Long Sleeve Collared Blouse - all these are from Tres Blah 
"Astralia" Hair, color Cat's eye from D!VA  
Earrings " Satin Bow & Pearls Set" from Yummy
Lips makeup "Gala Lipstick 02 from Swallow 

Dark Red Dress "Color.Me.H.O.F Mesh" from House of Fox
Hair "Gemma" from Faenzo 
Cosmetic Fair
Skin "Domino" from KOOQLA 
Lips makeup " Domino Lips 02" from KOOQLA  

Dark Red Dress "Candice" from Steffen Garcia - Faenzo  
Earrings " Satin Bow & Pearls Set" from Yummy 
Cosmetic Fair
Skin "Domino" from KOOQLA 
Lips makeup " Gala Lipstick 01" from Swallow
 Hair "Saki Hair - Baby Blonde" new from *Argrace*



Mr. Januar Pants and Mr Style Jacket both with hud to change colors and textures -  [ coepio ]



Black and white
yes, this time I have create a combination with black and white with the last news.
The men community in SL should be happy, designers have increasingly creative things. Have a look these new items:
Mr. Januar pants from [ coepio ], original ballon pants with a hud to be able to change in many colors and textures plus a second hud with more textures (fat pack) very very cool!!

Black t-shirt from Hooligan Ink  with original phrases, in this picture " Let's get Fuck" lol, available in black and white.

Trenton boots from  Just Design,  I have spoken in the past of these boots, are very interesting thanks to the hud to change colors of each part of them.

In this pick I have used again River sking from KOOQLA , I like the look and details.

Black pork pie hat from JfL

Black and silver Death bracialet from Swallow

Here you can appreciate the skin details and another texture for the pants.



I've been walking the beaches, the forests and enjoy every detail is in Lennon Parck, very curate sim that invite you to relax.

I have interesting news:
Black Sweater from [Bay Harbor] , very nice design available in Beig, Brown, Green, Purple and Red, each one with different patterns.

I have selected this Roll up Trousers in Snow color from ::K:: ,  easily combined thanks to the wide range of colors; Black, Dun, Gray, Indigo, Sand, Snow and Taupe. I like the detail of the belt falling slightly ahead creating realism.

Here you can know River skin, the male skin from KOOQLA detailed work and results with a great personality.

Black hair " Arata"  from  *Argrace*  
You can find it in many colors, I like the black with subtle white highlihts, also very interesting the hair base, realistic finished. 



To Miss Pacamo likes to be observed... and she is right, it is hard to not notice her.

Hair  "Saki"  Honey Blonde new from *Argrace*
Skin "Domino" new from KOOQLA now at Cosmetic Fair winter edition January 15th / 30th
Collier Cameo Gold from Swallow 



I woke up, and she was still by my side, I like to watch at her sweet smile, the shy sun illuminating her face, and her mischievous look...Good morning Miss Pacamo.

Akane Honey blonde Hair from *Argrace* , very nice creation available in many colors
Gold Cameo collar from Swallow 
Gold Cameo Earring from Swallow 
Skin Bisquit Nude from KOOQLA



Blue Baggy Shorts, new from Hooligan Ink, available in other colors, very nice design!

From Swallow  I have 4 awesome news:
-Death Bracelet in silver, is possible to change the finished with the hud (silver and gold)
-Skully Ring in silver, also available in gold
-Eliah skin, I wear amber black eyebrows model.
-Blue Papillon, also available in purple color 
Note: You can find very interesting things from that designer 

Trenton Boots form Just Design, in this pic I have change the colors with the hud to create another combination.

Blue/Canvas pork pie Hat from JfL one of my favorite add-ons :)



Last day I was in the Baja Norte party, was funny the boat full of people dancing with good music, I took the occasion to walk around the island and relax from the terrace  on the cliff.

I wear a blue Jacket " Mr. Style", the last creation from [ coepio ] available in other colors, I Like the style of that jacket, something different.

Other awesome new is these boots, "Trenton" from Just Design socks includes, in female and male version, and possibility to change the color of each part of them with the the Hud. Very well done in details.

"Itsuki" Black hair from *Argrace*  The hair reflections give a very natural look.  



Some of the brands I collaborate made clothes and complements for women that I think would be interesting to post on my blog, therefore, here is Pacamo, she is my model and she will present the female part of my blog.

ARATA Hair: from *Argrace*

Gold Cameo Earring: from Swallow
Yellow Blouse: from  Overhigh . 



There are 3 weekly events where you can find these red Frontline sweatpants and another 2 designs:
Soho Market  Open Closet store | Fi* Friday event. Interesting places to buy at low cost  
Red Shirt, Red sweatpant and Red&White sneakers are from  Frontline        
Dark red Kufi hat from JfL  available in other colors, very detailed design    
Have a good weekend!!               



Sportwear news!
FrontLine has create a very interesting collection of T-shirts in many colors and designs, Cocaine&Caviar in black is my option in this photo with Camo sweatpants also from Frontline, you can find on the store another colors: Grey, White, Red, Black and with creative designs on the pats.
To complete the Frontline outfit I wear  black sneakers with a hud that let you change the color, available in white, red, blue and more.

Itsuki, Blonde hair and hair base is from *Argrace*  

I have use Sun glasses from Hair STudio ONE , you can find them on the Formal Dreads pack 



Good morning!  I would like to share with you the awesome news I have for you from SL before these holidays.

"Crew Neck Sweater" Nice sweater for men, you can change the color in White, Cream, Black, striped in Black/Red, and more colors with the Hud. It is the new work from ¡APHORISM!    that you can find this month @ Mens Dep

"Wingtip Brogues" Fantastic shoes from Kauna in this english style that you can create your own design with the Hud, is possible to select the color of the lot of parts of the model, also is possible to select the shape of the sole available is many styles .

"Formal Dreads "   is that casual hair that I really like with a realistic dreads available is different colors from  Hair STudio ONE 

On the photo you also can see a Black Trousers (short model) from Kauna  and a vintage sofa "Alderan sofa" in many colors, I have use in Grey color from The Loft