Good morning!  I would like to share with you the awesome news I have for you from SL before these holidays.

"Crew Neck Sweater" Nice sweater for men, you can change the color in White, Cream, Black, striped in Black/Red, and more colors with the Hud. It is the new work from ¡APHORISM!    that you can find this month @ Mens Dep

"Wingtip Brogues" Fantastic shoes from Kauna in this english style that you can create your own design with the Hud, is possible to select the color of the lot of parts of the model, also is possible to select the shape of the sole available is many styles .

"Formal Dreads "   is that casual hair that I really like with a realistic dreads available is different colors from  Hair STudio ONE 

On the photo you also can see a Black Trousers (short model) from Kauna  and a vintage sofa "Alderan sofa" in many colors, I have use in Grey color from The Loft

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