559 - Staring

[Deadwool] Leather jacket - hoodie add-on
[Deadwool] Leather Jacket
Concept} CITY Chair - Rare at Shiny Shabby
Demian Mesh Head 2.0 @ShinnyShabby

not so bad . PAOLO jeans at TMD


558 - Deep sea

 TMD Oct. Round:
not so bad . PAOLO jeans at TMD
Tableau Vivant \\ Edward hair at TMD
L&B * Fitted Classic* Swear Ranger Denim Shirt at TMD


557 - Fragil Soul

AMERIE - Beanie at TMD
UC_Antony_all in 1_pants at TMD
-Nivaro- Ash Catwa Applier at TMD
fame femme : Unisex Jacket - Camo 05 at TMD
RKPoses_Bob_3 at The Crossroads
Concept} Escape set at The Crossroads