DRESS: Dolce Cleo - Black Satin
This dress is inspired to Elsa Schiaparelli.
It's been exclusively created for the Miss Fashion 2014 competition and it's sold in a special shop reserved to all the dresses shown in Miss Fashion, you will find it here:

More info about Miss Fashion 2014 here:

Something about this dress:
Black Satin, as the fashion in 30s, slides and adheres smoothly to the bodyin this exclusive creation from Dolce Cleo. An austere look that favors the black color, but that is extremely feminine through the back neckline that leaves your back completely exposed.
The style of Elsa Schiaparelli, in spite of the 30s fashion, is extremely avant-garde with a touch of surrealism, here showed by the hat and the feathers cape that adorns the neckline.
White Butterfly - New from Swallow
Ivory "Judi" skin  + Judi Lipstick 08 Pale - New from Swallow - at Skin Fair 2014 - perfection match on slink hands and feet 
Hair - Arata / blonde - from *Argrace* 
Ally Pose Hud -  New  from  Label Motion

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